Time Attendance

Model No : HTA-830
Brand Name: Hundure
  • USER: 8000, LOG: 8200 TCP IP
Model No : RTA-600B
Brand Name: Hundure
  • USER: 2048, LOG: 5000 RS485/422
Model No : X638
Brand Name: ZKTeco
  • user capacity:2200
  • Verification mode: fingerprint, password, ID Card.
  • ID Card storage: 30000
  • transaction storage :50000
  • algorithm version:Biokey VX6.0
  • hardware platform:ZEM100
  • Power supply: 5V DC
  • Resting current: 350mA, working current:400mA
  • Reader module:ID Card Reader Module
  • communications:RS232,RS485, TCP/IP
Model No : ACMK30
Brand Name: ZKTeco
Features 2.8Inches TFT Online Edition Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance with Backup Battery
  • Biometric Measurement: Fingerprint
  • Brand Name: ACM
  • Model Number: ACM-K30
  • Operating system: Linux
  • User Capacity: 8000
  • Screen: 7 inch
  • Function: Fingerprint or/and Password
  • Communications: USB-Client
  • color: black & white
  • Power suply: DC 12V/1A
Model No : VF-30
Brand Name: Anviz
  • "Anviz technology with optical waterproof fingerprint sensor. Scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable. Well accept all kinds of fingerprints
  • BioNano core algorithm platform of high performance and reliability
  • New 2011 version algorithm with improved performance on wet and dry fingerprints. Support identification from different angles
  • Support multiple languages display. Suitable for local market.
  • White backlit keypad with 10 numeric keys and 7 function keys
  • Optional RFID/ Mifare/HID card reader
  • RS485, Mini USB Slave and TCP/IP for network connection
  • Support wiegand26 input/output.
  • Direct lock control to open door, door open sensor.
  • Optional SC011/SC844 or any other standard access controller for separate type secure access control system
  • Unique infrared auto wakeup design
  • Time zone and group access control, realtime data transfer monitor
  • Standard 2000 fingerprints and 50000 records
  • Wall mounted, combine 2-in-1 function for access control and time attendance"
Model No : AR-837
Brand Name: Soyal
  • Name:LCD Fingerprint Access control.
  • Power supply:1024vdc.
  • user capecity:16000.
  • Serial port:yes.
  • Anti-Pass back:yes.
  • Real time clock.
  • door bell:yes.
  • time zone:63.
Model No : AR-821EF
Brand Name: Soyal
  • Name:LCD Fingerprint Access control.
  • Power supply:1024vdc.
  • user capecity:16000.
  • Serial port:no.
  • Anti-Pass back:yes.
  • Real time clock :yes.
  • Color:Gray.
Model No : PXR-52ES
Brand Name: hundure
  • Reliable & easy installation.
  • Reader tamper proof detection function.
  • Watchdog function secures system free from halting.
  • Graphic Display with backlight, LCD Display of date, time, weekday and controller status.
  • (PXR-34/94/RCU) .Base on different demands, customs have different selection.
  • Slim, stylish design, sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight suit for various locations.
  • (PXR-92/94) .Metal housing, strong protection.
  • (PXR-70) (* Kindly refer to reader specification for more information.) .
  • processor-8bit.
  • Read Range-8-10(cm).
  • Weight(Device)-130g.