Features :
  • 90% memory full warning.
  • Anti pass back for RAC-900.
  • Able to connect external slave reader.
  • Duress card, duress code, secret duress alarm.
  • Memory capacity 4,096 cardholders / 2,048 events. Standalone/network operation, expandable to 255 sets.
  • Limitation of unsuccessful swipe card attempts for RAC-900.
  • Audio tone: standard, independently controllable for RAC-900.
  • Dual function for Access Control and Basic Time & Attendance.
  • 8 time schedules for RAC-800/900 & 60 holiday schedule for RAC-900.
  • Swipe card, pin code or card + pin code access mode (Door IN), slave reader or exit button (Door OUT).
  • Security function to activate or deactivate all or selected sensors .(RAC-900) .
  • Independent 3 sensor inputs for RAC-800; 8 sensor inputs and 2 relay outputs for RAC-900.
  • Able to connect TCP/IP Converter for real time alarm notification to headquarter or to control center.