Top Advantage and Disadvantage of CCTV Camera in Bangladesh

CCTV Camera in Bangladesh for your Security Support

Using CCTV camera in Bangladesh or CCTV Surveillance System makes a revolutionary change of traditional security system. It assists our traditional security system from many aspects. A total Surveillance System can be designed simply with one or 2 or 3 cameras and monitor or it can be a complex design with hundreds of cameras, recorders, monitors and multiple operators.  Closed circuit television (CCTV) technology gives public’s a greater number of Securities in all places such as homes, business premises, public places such as Airport, Bank, Schools, Shopping mall and many more places.

Although CCTV camera in Bangladesh helps to prevent crime and helps police to caught thief easily. But there has also some disadvantage of using CCTV in some places.

If we go to disadvantage, then let them brief to you.

  1. Privacy is an Issue:

There have been a few examples in the past where CCTV Surveillance System have stirred up arguments, especially in professional setups. Using Surveillance System without getting permission from the employees could because of ‘invasion of privacy’. People of Shopping mall sometimes fills discomfort with a CCTV camera because they thought it’s an ‘invasion of privacy’.

  1. Limitation:

The major corns of CCTV Surveillance System are its limitation. CCTV camera in Bangladesh can only protect or monitor a limited area. Criminals can damage CCTV Surveillance System in various ways such as sticking gum or spraying something on its lance.Even they may change the angle of its.

  1. Wireless System:

To operate Wireless System CCTV camera, it required a fixed frequency range. But this range can be interrupted by other electric motored products, such as fluorescent lighting,air conditioning, and cordless telephones. And it can destroy the image quality and which is equal to not using a Surveillance System. And expert also required to identify and repair system breakdowns.


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