Best Security Cameras Select for Protecting Your Property

Protecting your property, loved ones, and your property depends on determining the right security cameras and video security system.

How will you choose the best security cameras for your home? In this blog post, we highlight the various types of security cameras, combined with features and benefits most advantageous to providing effective home security.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet security cameras are also referred to as lipstick cameras or bullets, due to their slim, tubular shape. Bullet cameras are available in analog CCTV, HD-TVI (HD analog) and IP technologies, as well as various megapixel options – ranging from 1.3 megapixels, to 5.0 megapixels far better.

Bullet cameras are popular choices for monitoring the perimeter of a home. An outdoor bullet camera can be mounted under the eaves of a roof to gain a clear view of a front yard, back yard, driveway, or other outdoor area.

A vandal-resistant bullet security camera typically features an impact rating providing you with protection against physical impact from vandals at various strike distances.

Advantages of
Bullet Security Cameras:

Cost-effective cameras for monitoring your home
Available in indoor and outdoor models
Many feature multi-axis brackets that allow you to easy adjust your camera angle.

Dome CamerasIs a dome camera the ideal security camera for safeguarding your home? Dome security cameras are self-contained cameras that feature a rugged dome enclosure that covers the digital camera lens. Dome cameras are easy to install, and look good in nearly any type of home environment-indoors and indoors. Dome cameras are available in multi megapixel, high-resolution options-as along with the latest analog, IP, and HD-TVI security technologies.

Dome cameras equipped with wide angle lenses enable you to better monitor large areas, such as driveways, front yards, backyards, and open areas. The camera lens’ wide field-of-view covers a larger area than a standard lens, and supplies greater depth of field, along with better low light performance.

A dome camera with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is beneficial for monitoring hallways, doorways, and other areas that are subject to diverse lighting conditions. WDR balances the contrast of light and shadow, enabling the camera to generate perfectly exposed, clear video in bright, dark, or backlit areas in just a scene.

Many outdoor dome cameras feature an IP66 (or higher) weather-rated enclosure that provides protection from particles such as sand and dust, as well as from inclement weather conditions-including rain and snow.

Advantages of
Dome Security Cameras:

Form factor is good to look at and blends well in nearly any home environment.
The camera
lens angle is obscured, making it difficult for thieves to avoid being caught on camera
Most can be wall or ceiling mounted to meet your application needs
Infrared Cameras.

Infrared security cameras, also known as IR cameras, provide day-to-nighttime surveillance capabilities, for around-the-clock security.

An IR camera features built-in IR LEDs that enable it to see in the dark. IR security cameras can be purchased in a variety of IR ranges, from 65′ to 100′, and 300′ (and higher), to meet various security application and location needs.

Some IR cameras that operate on 940 nm wavelengths are considered “no-glow” and are virtually undetectable to the human eye. These infrared security cameras are well-suited for covert surveillance, because the traditional red-glow of the IR LEDs is just not visible.

Some infrared cameras feature the most up-to-date infrared technology, including Smart IR and Full Frame Illumination, which provides enhanced low light performance.

Advantages of IR Cameras:

Day-to-nighttime surveillance.
Clear, crisp images in low light and at night.
Available in 940 nm IR LEDs for no-glow covert surveillance.
Many of the
latest IR cameras offer advanced IR illumination capabilities for better low light performance.

Hidden CamerasHidden cameras or spy cameras placed throughout the home can supply home owners with enhanced home security.

Installing a hidden camera, in addition to traditional video security cameras connected to a video security system, provides the covert surveillance advantage, and an additional layer of protection.

Hidden cameras can be purchased in a variety of form factors and are hidden inside of common household objects such as thermostats, smoke detectors, flood lights, picture frames, clocks, and AC adapters. Hidden cameras blend in well in nearly any home environment and are virtually undetectable.

Hidden cameras are best for catching criminals and thieves whom are unaware that they are being watched. And, because the criminals cannot see a hidden camera, they are less likely to be able to vandalize or tamper together with the camera to disable it, and avoid being captured on video.
Property owners also install covert cameras to monitor nannies, caregivers, and service providers-and protect loved ones.

Hidden security cameras are available in wired and wireless options and resolutions to meet a range of application needs.

Advantages of Covert Cameras
Provide you with the covert surveillance advantage because criminals don’t know they are being watched
Provide tampering protection since criminals cannot see the camera to obscure or disable it
Provide an additional layer of protection for your property and loved ones
Wireless hidden cameras are portable, don’t require hard-wiring and can be easily moved to a different location in the home
Keeping Your Home and Loved Ones Safe
On the subject of protecting your home, your property, and your loved ones, it’s important to choose the best security cameras that enable you to monitor activity around-the-clock.

Our security experts can help you choose the right security cameras for your household, determine the best locations for camera placement, and recommend local professional security installers who can help you install and optimize your property security system.

If you are interested in finding the best security systems cameras for your household, call today to speak with one of our security experts.


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