IP Camera Advantage and Disadvantage in Bangladesh

IP Camera in Bangladesh

What is IP Camera?

An Internet protocol camera, or IP Security camera, which can performance via a computer network and the internet, also can send or receive data via these. IP camera commonly used as Surveillance system, and which, unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras. IP camera is not a Web Cam, but that camera which used for Surveillance system.

There are 2 types of IP camera available in market

1st type                 is Centralized IP Security cameras

And the second type is Decentralized IPSecurity  cameras

Central IP Security camera as required network video recorder (NVR) to handle the video,recording, and alarm management.

Decentralized IP cameras do not require network video recorder (NVR). It has more advantage storage system then Centralized IP cameras. It has a built-in storage system, it can record video, sound directly to NAS (network-attached storage),SD cards, or a PC/server.

Potential Advantage of IP Cameras:

Internet protocol Camera are totally different from Analog CCTV camera. From all side, Function, limitation, behavior.

  1. Through this IP camera, both end user can listen to and speak to the subject of the video
  2. The use of a Wi-Fi orwireless network
  3. Transmission of commands for PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras via a single network.
  4. Remote accessibility
  5. Allows live video from selected cameras
  6. Accessible from any computer, mobile smartphones, and other devices
  7. PoEPower over Ethernet used to supply power through the Ethernet cable
  8. Can operate without a dedicated power supply.


Potential Disadvantage of IP Security Cameras:

  1. Higher initial cost per camera
  2. High network bandwidth requirements
  3. Easy to hack the video by ahacker. Because the data of IP camera commonly transmitted via thepublic internet rather than privet network.
  4. Adynamic DNSrequires to complicated setupPublic internet connection video transmission.

Lastly, though IC camera requires some advantage technology and it’s also costly. But using of IP camera increase rapidly because of its unlimited advantage in BD.


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