Importance of CCTV Camera Systems Image Quality

CCTV Camera Service in Bangladesh

This is not only important that you have a Surveillance System. The regulation of CCTV Cameras is most important. Today image quality is everything of a CCTV Videos. You should ask about the regulation of CCTV camera when you will buy it. Details about Resolution, means which resolution works best for you are given below. CCTV resolution is dignified in vertical and horizontal pixel dimensions or the number vertical and horizontal.

Recording daily activities and ensure more security are widely acceptednowadays. To Prevent Crime, Prevent Employee Theft in business, Be a useful piece of evidence, Help law enforcement solve crime, Keep an eye on children and elderly folks, Keep an eye on things, Protecting your staff, Encourage good behavior, Monitoring high-risk area, Increase customer’s confidenceCCTV Camera Systems playing a big role now a days.

But if the regulation of your CCTV Cameras does not help you do all these things, then it is equal to haven’t a security system.  1 megapixel is 10 times more powerful then CIF camera and 2 Megapixels are 20 times more powerful. A 2-megapixelcover 4x larger space than a 4CIF Surveillance camera.Itlooks likes works 2 in one. Then HD camera gives you more protection than a low-resolution camera. In general sensesuspect can be indicated easily by and HD (High Definition) CCTV camera. On the other hand, it’s also cost efficiencies. When you will get 2 cameras benefits in one camera then you do not need to cost more.

HD CCTV Camera Resolution:

Here and important updates, From 2015 a new technology brought together which supports 720p and 1080p HD video resolutions that called Analog High Definition (AHD CCTV).AHD CCTV look like Analog CCTV but it must need AHD compatible DVR with AHD Camera.


Understanding            CCTV Resolutions


1080p Resolution – 1920 x 1080

720p Resolution – 1280 x 720

D1 Resolution – 704 x 480

CIF Resolution – 352 x 240

QCIF Resolution – 176 x 120


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