HD-TVI inspiration to pick innovation for your next observation

HD-TVI is a format of HD Analog technology.

HD-TVI delivers high-resolution megapixel surveillance video at a fraction of the price of IP, and is as simple to install and operate as traditional analog CCTV solutions.

Here are 10 motivations to pick HD-TVI innovation for your next observation application:

1. Megapixel Resolution

Top notch (HD) pictures give legal detail and zoom abilities for facial acknowledgment and tag distinguishing proof. HD-TVI creates high-determination megapixel pictures and empowers you to zoom in on video for closer measurable review.

2. Simple Installation

No IP-organizing required! introduces as effortlessly as a standard simple CCTV camera or simple video security framework. HD-TVI does not require a mind boggling system base, so establishment time is much snappier than introducing an IP video security framework.

3. Lower Cost

HD-TVI arrangements offer megapixel determination at a small amount of the expense of a tantamount megapixel IP arrangement. Since ip security arrangements don’t require a confounded, costly system foundation (like IP arrangements require), they give an a great deal more financially savvy megapixel determination security arrangement than a practically identical IP security arrangement.

4. Zero Latency

Screen video continuously, without the transmission defers generally found with IP arrangements. The live video you see is real video with no slack time, so you will never miss seeing imperative video because of a deferral in transmission.

5. Low Cabling Requirements

Transmit HD video quick and with high flag quality. HD-TVI empowers you to utilize your current (RG59 and Cat5/6 persuade links or most standard CCTV protected cabling. The capacity to use existing cabling to transmit HD video, which spares you cash on cabling and establishment costs.

6. Longer Transmission

Transmit HD video up to 1600′ over RG59 cabling – 3x the separation of IP frameworks. HD-TVI offers the longest separation transmission over RG59 persuade and bring down quality cabling (contrasted with other HD Analog arrangements). This makes HD-TVI the perfect HD design for long separation establishments with longer link runs.

7. Transition Friendly

HD-TVI is good with existing CCTV cameras and existing coaxial links. HD Analog empowers you to utilize existing gear, with the capacity to move to HD, when your reconnaissance needs and spending plan permits.

8. Analog Compatible

HD-TVI recorders are equipped for recording video from ANY simple camera, on ANY channel, in ANY setup. HD-TVI recorders are open source, in reverse perfect with any simple camera and are not restricted by channel or innovation.

9. HD Analog Compatible

Not at all like other HD Analog configurations, HD-TVI recorders are perfect with ANY HD-TVI camera, paying little heed to mark. A considerable lot of the other HD simple advancements are constrained by brand and hardware similarity.

10. IP Compatible

HD-TVI “Hybrid+” recorders acknowledge a predetermined number of IP video inputs, on ANY channel, in ANY design. HD-TVI Hybrid+ recorders acknowledge simple, HD-TVI and IP cameras, offering more noteworthy adaptability with regards to your security application.


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