CCTV Camera related Helpful Tips of Choosing your Right Security.

CCTV Camera provide you Top security

Choosing the CCTV Camera Types: Out there different types of Security camera are available. And the function are also different of each and every CCTV Camera System. Here some types of Security camera are given below,

  1. Dome cameras
  2. Infrared (IR) security cameras.
  3. Pan tilt zoom cameras
  4. Pro box cameras
  5. Hidden cameras.

Among them IR camera are the most common uses CCTV camera in Bangladesh as well as the whole world.


Advantage of Infrared (IR) security camera:

  1. Generally Infrared (IR) produce HD image and Video in Day light. It is most recommended camera for Low lux or no light.
  2. It is also able to switching color to black automatically and can illuminate the coverage area
  3. Its work same, whether it is used indoor or outdoor.
  4. Infrared (IR) camera can performed in all-weather condition, because it is water proofed, withstand hot and cold temperatures

To buy the perfect Security camera, Coverage Area and Target Distance is the most important things. You can do a simple survey about the Coverage Area and Target Distance with your CCTV camera System. 1st you should determine how wide area you should need to covered. That means what is the measurement of field of view? Then you should calculate the focal length of you Security camera. You can find itself by using lens calculator. It will confirm you to obtain the desired view and magnification of the camera.


Camera Resolution: we are very familiar about the resolutions of a Security camera System. It means the number of lines of CCTV camera’s resolutions.The more lines, the more details of suspects. In order to current standard, 350 lines in very low resolution.480 lines is very common and fairly good for general use. On the Other hand 525 to 580 lines of resolution is considered as the HD resolution for standard CCTV and it will give the best picture quality than others.

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