Cctv camera bangladesh



Cctv camera a major concern of today’s security solution. Now a day’s people are feeling their security here and there. Security system can protect some violation, as well as big occarence . You and your office must need home-surveillance, it ensures security, give chances to catch the terrorist, if it is within your business area or office environment, it automatically increases working performance of your employee. So why not- decide today select proper camera, network for remote access and start your surveillance.

How you select the proper camera for you:

Do you want night surveillance – then choose night vision, if night vision then checks how many LED there?

Check the Lens , is it very-focal or fixed lens , if you have open space , I suggest you very-focal as of need you can adjust your own.

Camera is it out door or In-door , for indoor you should choose dome for out door bullet is better for you.

Now a days You can choose IP camera  or Cctv camera as both will give you the experience of remote viewing , you can view your cctv camera output or video from anywhere of the globe using your android or IOS , to do so you need internet connectivity at both end.


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