Features :
  • FR1200 can transfer fingerprint template to inBIO controller or F8 series fingerprint access controller through RS485 communication, so the latter is much more stable and secure.
  • FR1200 has passed IP65 certification, so it can be applied to outdoor working environment.
  • FR1200 has standard 125Khz ID Card module.
  • FR1200 is very easy to be installed due to small size and only needs the RS485 communication.
  • After upgrading the firmware of standalone access controllers, the FR1200 can work with them, which have RS485 communication.
  • FR1200 works with inBIO controller or F8 series fingerprint access controller.
  • The fingerprint is verified by internal access controller or inBIO controller.
  • Even if FR1200 is destroyed,the relay is on master device, so it can not open door.
  • FR1200 uses ZK infrared detection fingerprint sensor creatively, it could detect fake fingerprints .
  • User could feel if their fingerprint is verified or not, which is user-friendly and improves the accuracy and safety of access control data greatly.
  • FR1200 works with inBIO biometric access controllers to provide ""one-stop"" access control solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.